New TSFO Album: "Wild Flowers"

Official Release September 2019


"Indian Summer"©copyright 2016

Poster Fine Art Limited Edition

"Wild Flowers"©copyright 2019

TSFO is a Folk Rock band located at the crossroads of the Alps mountains and California. Originally founded by Mary G, a “singular” songwriter, deeply marked by the songwriting of the Jayhawks. He started the band as a “solo” Folk singer in a mood of Bob Dylan or Neil Young. After a few years, the band has grown from a duo to a trio and then a quatuor actually. The music has grown too. From the Folk “roots”, Bluegrass or even Hillbilly of the first album, the arrival of Chris (bass), Bruno (lead guitar and lap steel) & Mathilde (drums) push the band into a new dimension. So yes, the “loner” and the ghosts of Laurel Canyon are still around, but the “exciting tension” played by the band on stage make them going on into a “cosmic folk “, tinted of rock’n roll and blues… A bridge between The “early”Eagles, America, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Pink Floyd…

On their new album -Wild Flower- we can feel some Americana & Pop influences as well. Mary G’s voice remind the “Sugar man” of Sixto Rodriguez or Israêl Nash, an other big influence of the band. Their song’s are like some little novels about life’s and people. As a film soundtrack. The perfect music for riding or cruising in a car at sunset time…

*TSFO new album: “Wild Flowers” official release in September 2019. (Green Cat Records /Distribution: Inouie).